Wicker Furniture Cleaning Tips: Part One

Summary: Ensure that your wicker furniture pieces live a long and healthy life by caring for them properly.

Wicker furniture pieces are popular for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. Wicker comes in a wide array of patterns and colors, making it complimentary to any decorative scheme that you have already in place – especially our specialty popular Treasure Garden Umbrella. Furthermore, it’s comfortable, sturdy, and attractive. Wicker is a combination of reed weaves, plant fibers, and other materials. Therefore, it requires the owner to take special care to ensure that it looks its best.

Here are some tips that we at Wicker Paradise recommend to keep your wicker chairs, tables, and other pieces in tip-top shape.

Basic Cleaning

Prior to the start of your cleaning, be sure to remove any patio furniture replacement cushions beforehand and clean them separately – according to the manufacturer’s instructions – as certain fabric types require specific care.

If your wicker chairs have dirt lodged within the crevices, use either a soft-bristled paintbrush or toothbrush to help remove it. Be careful not to push it down further into the crevice. Start by pushing the toothbrush in the corner of the section and brush outwards towards your body. This way, you’ll actually remove the dirt as opposed to jamming it deeper.

If you’re second-guessing whether a vacuum cleaner will cause irreparable damage to your wicker furniture, don’t worry. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum and make sure that your settings are on the lowest level to avoid causing any damage. Be sure to lightly suction the furniture piece and avoid carelessly banging it into the wicker.

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