How to Properly Maintain Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

With so many different types of furniture style available today, what can you get that combines both affordability and style? Wicker, of course.

Now, wicker furniture is celebrated for its unique look as well as its durability. But, like in all cases, there will be times where the proper maintenance is needed to ensure that it lives up to its decade-long potential.

Cover Your Furniture

If you plan on using wicker as the primary theme for your outside patio, you’ll want to make sure that it’s not directly exposed to the harsh weather changes.

Yes, wicker is durable, but it won’t stay that way if its being pummeled on a daily basis by torrential rain storms and blistering summer days.

Take a weather-proof tarp and cover all your wicker furniture pieces until you need them for a certain occasion– the same way that you would if your outdoor chair cushions were prone to weather damage.

The Risks and Damages 

People who live in areas with high humidity levels and heavy rainfall face the risk of mold and mildew growth. If the cushions are attached to the wicker furniture, you’re essentially putting your furniture at risk of even worse damage. Always keep them covered or stored. This is one common problem that can be easily solved by storing your pieces.

Always keep your wicker furniture in a place where there is adequate sunshine so it dries quicker. Preferably, store it in a shed where there is little moisture surrounding it – do this with your replacement cushions as well. You might end up watching your furniture change colors and even fade or crack.

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