Fun Facts about Wicker Furniture

The Humble Beginnings of Wicker and Modern Spotlight in TV!

Wicker products have been an established design element in furniture long before the material became trendy. The material used in wicker furniture varies a bit, but is based on natural fibers such as rattan that is woven into a sturdy support structure. The unique composition allows for not only pleasing designs, but a semi-rigid structure. The materials are eco-friendly and renewable, making them an ideal choice for conscientious buyers.

A Historical Recording of Wicker

The first indications of wicker furniture being used appear in the records of the ancient Egyptians. The materials were light and available, and with the flexible nature of the wood, allowed for a great variety in styles. Murals found on tomb wall show pharaohs perched on wicker thrones, surrounded by court members seated in their own stylized settings.

Another record appears on the remaining wall painting of Pompeii, where wicker was quite prevalent in both home and business models. Images depict citizens of the ancient city lounging around sumptuous meals, enjoying the comfort of their settees and sturdiness of their tables. 

Flash Forward to Wicker Furniture in America

With the coming of the 20th century, Americans were utilizing wicker furniture as a mainstay of outdoor patio ensembles. The material held up against the elements just as well as cat iron, and was cheaper to acquire. Also, the flexibility of the material continued to dazzle with an endless selection of designs. American furniture companies were able to quickly adjust their designs based on common trends as well as advancements on manufacturing techniques. Wood products being used in furniture production were increasingly being improved for strength, flexibility, and resistance to the elements. In doing so, the industry helped to move wicker designs indoors during the 1940s and 50s.

Wicker Furniture in Modern Television!

A fun fact and trend includes the use of wicker furniture in your favorite television shows. HBO is the perfect example when their television shows use both modern and traditional styles of wicker in scenes. Above we have Kenny Powers enjoying his new pool and a couple sitting on an outdoor wicker sofa set in sage green. Eastbound and Down showcases modern wicker furnishings in many outdoor scenes and interior decor environments.

HBO’s True Detective displays plenty of wicker chairs and porch furniture used in 1990’s Louisiana decor. We enjoyed the special touch of adding authentic details from all aspects of these peoples lives. The wicker basket was a very important part of the religious service for donations to the church, people would give even if they had very little according to Rust Cohle.

The Sopranos certainly should not be a surprise in the wicker showcase category. Fans of the show will recall many conversations with Tony Soprano joking about an alternate lifestyle where he would be a retailer of patio furniture instead of a mob boss. Taking place in New Jersey, this state certainly enjoys the use of woven wicker in their lives.

Above we see Uncle Junior on vacation in Boca Raton Florida with the classic white wash wicker headboard enjoying champagne with a lady friend!

Keep your eyes open as there are many opportunities where wicker will appear in your favorite television shows. We can go on and on of other popular shows such as Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire that have a love for wicker furniture. That’s the fun about watching and being rewarded with a unique decor environment, pay attention and comment below with your favorite scenes of wicker!

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