Cushion Covers: A Simple Guide to Swapping Them Out With Ease

Summary: Keep your cushions looking great by swapping them out after long periods of use. 

The cozy nature of wicker furniture makes it a great addition to any household. However, when your wicker furniture cushions become word, stained, or damaged over time, the appearance becomes inevitably marred. While the unique shape and design of wicker chair chairs may make replacing the cushions covers challenging, there certain ways you can do this without placing much effort into it.

Your Manufacturer Can Assist You

The easiest way to replace your outdoor chair cushions is to purchase new covers from the original manufacturer. Now, since cushions tend to vary in shape and size (depending on the wicker manufacturer), purchasing new covers from the same manufacturer is often your best bet to ensure that it properly fits.

In order to check your manufacturer, there should be a tag that identifies what company made the cushions. It may also include the company’s website address or other contact information. In many cases, you may be able to order directly from the manufacturer’s website. At Wicker Paradise, you can easily place an order online for any product that you are interested in and be done in minutes.

Accurate Sizing is Wholly Important

Wicker furniture cushions do not necessarily come in standard sizes. Rather, they vary in size, depending on the outdoor replacement cushions that your current piece requires. Prior to ordering, be sure to remove the old covers and use a tape measure to accurately measure the length, width, and thickness of the cushions. Write this information down as you’ll need this to ensure that you purchase the correct cushions size. On the rare occasion that your furniture has oddly sized cushions, you can easily purchase larger covers and have them tailored to fit.

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